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A D V I C E   P U B L I S H I N G


The boy who wanted to whistle
The great whistle course (ages 4-100 years)

Children's language and musicality reinforced when they learn to whistle!

The Whistlebook is the story of Oscar who is upset because his sister Carla is blind. She says he must learn to whistle so she can hear he is happy. Will he manage to whistle before the story takes a surprising twist?

The Whistlebook also offers The large Whistle Course, which in a simple and pedagogical way of teaching even the smallest children to whistle in their mouth. All children deserves to whistle.

"It is essential for the species' survival, that the boys learn to whistle ... at girls!" " Hans Toft-Olsen

The Wistlebook
published soon in English as eBook

toft-olsen3.jpg The Author

HANS TOFT-OLSEN cand. musicae
Educated speech therapist
Graduate trained singing teacher from the Royal Academy of Music
Author to the book Styr på stemmen (Control your voice)
Officially appointed by the Ministry of Culture as an external examiner at the Danish Music Conservatories

Hans Toft-Olsen is one of Europe's most experienced voice experts and he has taught, supervised and trained more than 1000 voices. He is a graduate trained singing teacher from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, and an educated speech therapist with a private practice.

With this special background, Hans Toft-Olsen is used to work with voice problems, sound education, support, communication, performance, and the personal expression at the highest aesthetic level. He has in the past 20 years worked with all kinds of voices, and has, through his unique knowledge and approach to voice, treated and guided voices in business and professional singers and actors. He gives lectures / presentations, Masterclasses, workshops and personal coaching in voice usage and interaction to performers and businesses across Europe.

Hans Toft-Olsen, a researcher in educational use of the voice and is the originator of Toft-Olsen's Apple that has revolutionized the way we understand and use our voice. "My goal is to make teaching how to use the voice so simple that anyone can understand his own voice", says Toft-Olsen.